How and why doctors should use twitter

Today social networking has become part of our daily life. this does not exclude doctors. We rarely find people on this planet who do not have Facebook account, to find anybody, most of us go to Facebook and put a search in it, most often get that person. Apart from this facebook allows us to share photos article etc, likewise twitter is also is social net working site, but we find most doctor do not use this social net work.

The major limitation or in fact major advantage of twitter is each post cannot be more than 140 characters.

Medical field is advancing at phenomenal speed to keep track of newer updates even by reading only abstract of article from journals, is difficult, because material is so huge. To overcome this, twitter comes as big boon; one can take inference of article in just 140 characters and post in twitter.  See the video below to learn more

Apart from this most medical journal have twitter account, one can just follow them. In twitter one can scan article with litter scroll of your mouse.

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