Heart disease prevention by healthy life style, decrease incidence of cancer also: ARIC study

Recently published study in circulation looked into incidence of cancer in subjects who followed healthy life style for prevention heart disease. Studied risk factors were from 2010, the American Heart Association (AHA) defined the concept of ideal cardiovascular health, according to this 7 health behaviors or factors were included (My Life Check), they are smoking, physical activity, obesity, dietary intake, total cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Results of ARIC ie Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study are very encouraging to general public because life style modification advised for prevention of heart disease can even prevent cancer in that individual. This result should motivate general public to stick on healthy life style. This study stresses importance controlling blood sugar, blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and cessation of smoking in reducing heart disease and as well cancer.

In this study over follow-up of 17 -20 years in 13252 subjects, 2880 subjects developed cancer. The baseline 7 above mentioned ideal health metrics were evaluated. People with baseline 6-7 healthy metrics had 51% less incidence of cancer than subjects with baseline 0 healthy metrics.

Decreased incidence of cancer remained significant even after smoking was removed from the ideal health score.

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