RED-HF trial: Darbepoetin Alfa, anemia correction fails to prove benfit

Darbepoetin Alfa is Erythropoietin analogue. This molecule was tested in diabetics with chronic Kidney disease and anemia in TREAT trail, there was no benefit of Darbepoetin Alfa on death, CV events, CV death, or renal events. Present trail i.e.  RED-HF also reestablishes no benfit Darbepoetin in patient’s heart failure and anemia.

RED-HF trial was started in year 2006 and results reported in jan-2013. RED-HF trial included 2278 patients with anemia and left ventricular systolic dysfunction. These patients were randomized to Darbepoetin Alfa or placebo, the main aim of treatment group was to achieve HB% of 13grm/dl. Primary end point was composite death due to any cause or worsening of heart failure and readmission. There was no benfit by Darbepoetin alpha versus placebo (hazard ratio 1.01, 95% CI 0.90-1.13).

Stroke and Darbepoetin

Darbepoetin increases the risk of stroke without clinical benfit. Still FDA has approved usage of Darbepoetin in chronic kidney disease with anemia

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