Metabolic syndrome: Hey kids stop over watching TV and increase your exercise

Metabolic syndrome is constellation of abdominal obesity, increase blood sugar, triglyceride and reduced HDL, and hypertension. This constellation is associated with increased cardiac vascular morbidity and mortality.

Now a  recently published study, has come with solid data, stating that metabolic syndrome in forties is associated increased TV watching and lack of exercise in teens.

Compared to those who just watched one TV show per week, to those who watched several shows per day at age 16 had double the chance having metabolic syndrome at age 43 years

Hey kid if do not exercise and reduce TV watching  this how may look at age of  43

Compared to those who did daily leisure time physical activity to those did few times leisure time physical activity in a month also had double the risk of metabolic syndrome

There is increamental dose response risk of metabolic syndrome with TV watching and physical activity.

TV viewing at teen years was associated with central obesity, low HDL cholesterol, and hypertension at forties.

Decreased leisure-time physical activity in the teen years is linked to central obesity and raised triglycerides at forties.


To reduce cardio metabolic risk in adult life and later, teens are urged to increase their physical activity and reduce TV watching.

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